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The Classic Pusher Hueco Crimps

Super crimpers. 

I would like to note that most of these were originally known as "Flakes," and believe it or not the sharpest one in the group was originally in a classic Font set. I've "remastered" these holds and have realigned the bolt holes to be centered and have also added a "pre-drilled" set screw with washer. I spent a lot of time contemplating the location of the set spot and whether or not I should even mess with such a classic set of holds at all. In the end I decided that I would prefer to have them with a nice quality durable set spot so I decided to "update" them. I also cleaned up any rough areas and tried my best to restore them to the quality that I remember as a kid. Enjoy.

Most of these holds are comfy enough for vertical terrain. However, these holds really start to shine as the angle kicks back.