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Joe's Valley CWA 2018 Special Collection

This is a limited time special collection of all of the new Joe's Valley holds that were on display at the CWA 2018 Show.  Twenty seven brand new holds.  (pictures coming as the real sets release)

- Joe's Crimp Set #1  (5 holds)

- Joe's Crimp Set #2   (5 holds)

- Joe's "Baby Boss"   (1 hold)

- Joe's Sloper Rail   (1 hold)

- Joe's Flakes   (2 holds) 

- Joe's Large Pockets  (7 holds)

- Joe's Crimp Pockets  (6 holds)

In the near future most of this offering will be split up and added to as the rest of the shapes in their sets make it out of molding. This is a teaser for what the future of this line holds.

Shaper:  Jared Roth

Shaped:  Spring 2018