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The Boss

The most famous hold ever made.

This shape was a collaborative effort by Mike Call and Marc Russo after returning home from their first trip to Fontainebleau. People said this hold was too big...that no one would ever buy it...it was a waste of space and would cost too much. Little did everyone know that this hold would become legendary. This hold was ahead of its time. The Boss created a wake in the industry that all most every hold company has attempted to follow either through its shape, its size, or its texture.

Through the years this hold has seen some abuse. Unfortunately there is no existing original master copy in existence. This hold is the closest thing that we have to the Boss. It is slightly tweaked in a few areas and is not the exact same shape as the original Boss. If you bought a Pusher Boss in the past decade chances are that this is the Boss that you are familiar with.

Shaper:  Mike Call and Marc Russo

Year: Spring/Summer 1998