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Font Set 06
Pusher / Products / Font Set 06

$ 359.00

This set contains five production tweaks of Pusher’s infamous Boss. Three of these were previously available in the “Baby Boss Set” and two shapes are brand new and have remained unreleased until now. All shapes in this set are slopey pinches with subtle sweet spots located in various locations within the texture. This set was designed with versatility in mind and each shape can be used in many different ways depending on hold orientation and wall angle/wall features. These shapes are also bad enough that by default they turn into directional holds for most climbers. Enjoy.

This set is available for delivery in the USA from Europe. Order total must be over $2,000 USD, and Pusher will include free shipping. To place order, please download the ORDER FORM found in the DISTRIBUTION drop down menu.

Shaper:  Jared Roth

Shaped:  Fall 2016