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Font Set 07
Pusher / Products / Font Set 07

$ 489.00

A set of five brand new Font shapes.  Set #7 marks the beginning of a new take on the Pusher Font line. All of the shapes in this set are individually shaped from foam, as opposed to the previous Pusher Font’s which have all been production tweaks made from larger Font shapes. By making each shape individually, it allows for more variety, and also for a better transfer of the intricate textures from the original foam shape to the production casting of the grip.  These holds are fairly positive compared to some of the previous Pusher Font renditions and should be well received by all. New classics in the making.

This set is available for delivery in the USA from Europe. Order total must be over $2,000 USD, and Pusher will include free shipping. To place order, please download the ORDER FORM found in the DISTRIBUTION drop down menu.

Shaper:  Jared Roth

Shaped:  Fall 2019