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April 2, 2022

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Limited Edition Set #1
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$ 300.00

This is a set of 15 unique screw-on holds that have been dual textured and produced in limited quantities. There will be a total of 30 sets produced. All sets will be stamped with the production date and set number on the back of every hold. Sets #1-10 will be BLACK. Sets #11-20 will be WHITE. Sets #21-30 will be produced in whatever color Pusher desires.

This special set was produced 100% by Pusher USA in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Shaper, molder, polisher, sander, stamper, QA’er, packer, etc… – Jared Roth

***  Produced in January 2020. All BLACK sets sold out in less than one minute, the WHITE sets sold out in the first half hour.