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Pusher Brand Statement
Pusher / Pusher Brand Statement

PUSHER®. Making climbers stronger.

Pusher is one of the most iconic and influential hold companies of all time. Based out of Salt Lake City, Utah we have been at the heart of the American climbing scene for decades… making holds for people who love climbing. Pusher was built by real climbers who wanted the tools to push themselves, so we created holds that did not yet exist. This tradition continues to this day as we strive to bring you new hand-crafted shapes.

Pusher was created in the early 1990’s by Dave Bell, Rob Gilbert, Mike Call, and Boone Speed. Over the years the company changed ownership a few times and in 2017 Pusher was purchased by visual artist, Jared Roth. Jared grew up climbing in the gym that Pusher built in Salt Lake City. After only a few years of climbing on Pusher holds, Jared quickly rose to the top of the American climbing scene. In 1999 he was on the USA Youth Climbing Team, and sent his first 5.14 after returning home from the Youth Worlds that year. The next summer he became one of the first Americans to climb 5.14c with his second ascent of Boone Speed’s “I Scream” in Hell Cave. Later that year he did the 3rd ascent of Chris Sharma’s “The Mandala” in the Buttermilks. In 2002 Jared decided to walk away from “professional climbing” after his first ascent of “Rastaman Vibration” on the 65 foot tall Grandpa Peabody boulder. This problem later became famous worldwide due to a sit-start being added and is now known as “Lucid Dreaming.”

We at Pusher believe that our products will give you the skills and strengths needed for you to accomplish your climbing goals. Jared, for the last couple of decades, has used paint and canvas to express himself as an artist. Today, he continues the mission of Pusher by designing and shaping the holds that have worked for him and a generation of climbers. Our hand-crafted shapes are transformed into challenging climbing grips using the best plastics in the world to satisfy the most nuanced details for helping climbers increase strength and realize their personal best.

Pusher embraces new generations of climbers by contributing two percent of its revenues to programs that teach young climbers to minimize their footprint in outdoor climbing environs, limit their interference with wildlife, and preserve fixed climbing paths so that these natural wonders remain inspiring for their posterity. We are committed to protecting our natural climbing areas for the next generation of climbers.

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