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November 27, 2022

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The Classic Font Set
Pusher / Products / The Classic Font Set

$ 469.00

Ten of the most timeless slopers ever created. These shapes were made to imitate the world famous French bouldering area of Fontainebleau. Originally brought to life in the late 90’s, these holds are still considered to be extremely classic and are some of the most cherished and sought after holds that the Pusher crew ever made.

It is a great honor and pleasure to once again be able to offer them back to the climbing community. These shapes have been remastered to have centered bolt holes and have had an inset “predrilled” set screw washer added. Everyone deserves a chance to climb on such historic shapes. Enjoy.

This set is available for delivery in the USA from Europe. Order total must be over $2,000 USD, and Pusher will include free shipping. To place order, please download the ORDER FORM found in the DISTRIBUTION drop down menu.

Shaped: Late 90’s

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