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November 27, 2022

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Pusher / Products / PF.07

$ 155.22

BRAND NEW Pusher Fiberglass macros! One of ten unique shapes that have been created for our first foray into the world of fiberglass. All fiberglass is screw-on only for attachment to the wall. These have been produced for Pusher by Walltopia in Bulgaria. All fiberglass shapes have a fairly fine grain texture reminiscent of sticky sandstone.

ALL FIBERGLASS IS PRODUCED AS IT IS ORDERED. Due to current shipping prices from the manufacturer, we highly discourage purchase in North America. 

Please also note: GYM PRICING PDF in DISTRIBUTION. Pusher’s standard gym discount is 24% off of retail price.

* Fiberglass can be bundled with hold orders from Composite-X and shipped together.

Shaper:  Jared Roth

Shaped:  Spring 2020